Clothes Group                                                                                                - Baby Clothes
  - T-shirt                                                                                                              - Sleeping bags,
  - Pants                                                                                                              - Absorbent diapers,
   (five pocket, cargo style trousers and shorts for both men,                         - Bodysuits, Sleep suits 
   women and children)                                                                                    - Hats, Booties, Mittens,
  - Polo shirts                                                                                                       - Muslin Squares
  - Sweatshirts, Hooded Sweatshirts                                                                    - Swaddle blankets
  - Pullover                                                                                                           - Bibs
  - Home, Beach Clothing                                                                                   - Burp cloths
  - Maternity Wear                                                                                                - Knitted blankets
  - Sportswear                                                                                                      - Cot covers
  - Pyjama Sets                                                                                                     - Feeding covers
  - Sweat suits                                                                                                      - Baby clothes sets, outfits to wear upon leaving
  - Underwear (vests, underwear, boxer shorts - knitted fabric)                            hospital
  - Knitted goods (sweaters, vests, etc..)

babies and children                                                             ladies-1                                                      ladies-2       

           t-shirts and sweatshirts                                      shirts 


Ladies                       Mens                         Teenagers                        Children                     Babies

With these product groups, we can apply different printing and piece dye (cool pigment, asudel etc.) techniques.
Thus we give our customers not only a product but added value as well.
We specialise in producing different and special products of the highest order.  We have a young and dynamic team.  We take our responsibilities towards our customers very seriously and fulfil them in a disciplined manner.

We develop a very close working relationship with all our customers and seriously organized production units. We have a special QC team to monitor every stage of production.
For all of our products that we are offering you, we might present you the quality assurance certificate:
Oeko-tex and GOTS certificate for organic products.

GOTS - Our products have GOTS certificate !