FY Moda Apparel Textile...

Our vision;
At every stage from production to marketing we understand the expectations of our customers. Our business concept is innovative, investigative, well-disciplined and perfectionist!

In accordance with the changing market demands in world clothing and the fashion market, we remain constant and stable in producing great quality garments. Our aim is to have long-term relationships with our customers.

Our mission;
Is to produce environment-friendly products. We have the shortest delivery time and an excellent after-sales service. We sincerely see it as our duty to be long-term partners with our customers.

Quality Policy;
We aim to be one step ahead to quickly meet the ever-changing and increasing needs of our customers. We are constantly improving our production processes to achieve high productivity and quality. Error-free production and a timely delivery are of paramount importance to us...

Our Capacity;

Our production environment is a 800m2 enclosed area. So we can easily produce at least 40.000 - 60,000 garments per month. 90% of our products are exported to Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia.

But most importantly; Our customers are of paramount importance to us and we know that we are on a long journey together with them.